Does this feel normal to you?

I guess everybody has their own definition of normal. I started out writing a little treatise about the difference between common and normal, societal norms etc., but after spending 15 minutes on it, I failed to condense my convoluted thoughts into a concise blog entry. So I deleted the whole thing, because, as Aristotle once said, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” I need to rush!

A very common occurrence for me. But is it normal?

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2 comments on “Does this feel normal to you?
  1. Fbs says:

    Having survived a prop failure (that had the good taste to fail on the ground, on take off of the trip back :-O ), I can tell you that when it happens, vibrations are such, that if you don’t cut the engine immediately, it will soon be away as well. And If you are airbone, it means certain death

  2. Rwill says:

    I ground ran up a plane (C 150) for annual inspection, the engine seemed to have a vibration/roughness to it. During the inspection, I found that one blade of the prop was over an inch shorter than the other. The engine ended up needing an overhaul too, and the engine shop reported that the prop flange weld to the crankshaft was broken over 3/4 of the way around. So he was very close to losing his prop. We also had to replace the wings and repair the tail section. Turns out it had been in an accident, the mechanic/owner had very shoddily repaired it, sold it. And then had been signing off the anual ever since, until it was resold, and brought to our shop.

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