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Wow guys! We had such a great show last week at AERO 2019! Thank you everyone who took the time to stop by, talk with us, laugh with us, and tell us your funny aviation stories. It was really great to meet (and re-meet) all of you from literally all over the world and from every branch of aviation. We learned a lot about the industry and were able to gather more material for Chuck and Julio.

I also want to thank everybody for the responses and input on the new short movie. It was great to see reactions and it helped us making little tweaks as well as giving us a clearer direction with the next shorts. I am pretty sure the gals at the concession stand near our TV screen who saw the movie a couple of hundred times over the last week have every line memorized and dream about it nightly. They are probably traumatized by Chuck and Julio’s adventures, HAHA.

As Julio is preparing for his annual performance review, we are getting ready to post the final version on YouTube. It will be available shortly, we promise.

Who all in here has done these performance reviews by the way? Or is it just a US thing? At one company I worked for, the boss hated to sit down and talk with his employees hearing all the little gripes so much, he filled them out himself and just gave everyone a raise every year. Another company I worked for did “self evaluations” which you filled out and handed in. I find these funny as well because who gives themselves a bad review? Well, let’s see what Hans does …

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3 comments on “Getting ready
  1. Jan Olieslagers says:

    “the gals” ??? Come on, gentlemen, show a bit of eddication and gentlemanship please. In proper English, that would be “the girls”. A proper gentleman would mention “the ladies” (or if deliberately derisive, “the chicks” which would be most suitable here, of course). Then again, a few days of Messe is hard on anyone’s state of mind and manners, yes, don’t ask me how I know.

    As for the performance interview: yes, it seems a very US’an thing, and nobody in Europe seems to grasp the reason. Myself a free-lance contractor I am usually spared, but I’ve yet to hear the first person – on either side of the table – to see anything good in the idea.

  2. RG2Cents says:

    Tellin’ Hans what he wants to hear…

  3. Fbs says:

    Genuine consultants talk. Julio is ready for a job change….Only miss the suit…

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