Ordering plane parts

Last week’s comic went up a bit later than usual. Sorry about that! I was away on vacation for a week and had the strip scheduled on our website, but apparently, I edited something afterwards and forgot to hit save, so WordPress didn’t publish it. Anyway! I’m back to my normal schedule here, and so is Chuck, it seems! Getting parts seems to be one of the challenges when you own an old-timer. Or at least parts of it, as in Chuck’s case.

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4 comments on “Ordering plane parts
  1. Keith Schiffner says:

    Wow, talk about poor service. Proper response regardless if they have the part is. “uh huh, VS96. Hmmm, was that for the Corsair or the Corsair II sir? Because we show that part number for 2 different aircraft and also that we have none in stock”

    p.s. I’ve done my share of diving into the big FICHE for EVERYTHING in the U.S. Army. They’ve got more stuff than amazon dreamed of.

  2. James Morton says:

    I used to get these every week for the past 7 or 8 years this year was spotty then nothing for the past couple months. What happened? Resubscribe me please.

  3. Brennan Vilcheck says:

    I visited the Curtis Wright museum up in New York last month, and they got a p40 warhawk in restoration. They needed new control surfaces, and went to the manufacturer to see if they had plans. Guys there asked what they needed, checked back room, still had some in stock brand new!

  4. Fbs says:

    Some brands have the policy to keep supplying parts of their old models. You can order any part of a vintage Ferrari and they’ll supply it. At a price, of course. The same applies to 1956 cessna 172s….(especially the price).

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