North American X-15 Altitude Record

Here is another snippet out of our new book “Moments in Aviation History”. To read the whole story behind it you will have to buy the book. Also, let’s see how many times I can shamelessly plug the new book in this blog, or at the minimum, use the word “book”.

What I really enjoyed in making this book is how much we learned about aviation history while making it. We learned a bunch from Jim and his writings but also doing the research for the photos and some of the story details we were trying to tackle. You start off with researching just one pilot and next thing you now, you’re in knee deep in reading about the whole NASA X-15 project or trying to research where space officially begins (which turns out is actually a heavily discussed subject) …

The other thing that really stuck out was the amount of crazy contraptions mankind has come up with over the years and how brave these men and women of early aviation were. It felt like a long road from the Wright Flyer to the Space Shuttle but it wasn’t even a hundred years. Then there is the sheer size of the old Zeppelins or the Saturn V Rocket?!! The older I get and the more aviating I have done myself, the more I appreciate these things. Anyways, I could go on and on. Enjoy today’s strip!

Last but not least: Here are the links to our new book:




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