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Originally, we had a bunch of “Moments in Aviation History” comics scheduled for you together with blogs about us going to AERO this year. But the virus messed all that up unfortunately. And speaking of the virus, we received a few hints last week about us not taking this situation seriously. I can assure you that we are. With all the bad news everybody has been getting about everything from the spread of this thing to long term effects on our health system and the economy, we are trying to keep things as light as we can in the coop here. After all this is a humor website and we like to have fun and laugh.

I mentioned before that Chuck and Julio were probably more worried about the bird flu then about this one (that is because they are chickens), so they are still going about business as usual. Those of you, who have worked with pro-seal or similar sealing substances that require mixing, will be able to relate to today’s comic. When I started flying full-time and got away from working in the hangar, I took my toolbox home with me. I STILL find tools with pro-seal on them 18 years later. This thing just doesn’t want to come off and we were never friends back in the day. I always managed to get it EVERYWHERE, except for where it was supposed to go, no matter how careful I was. I swear pro-seal is cursed!

But let’s end on a positive note: The new book will still be released in the next couple of days online! The Patreon Supporters among you, who signed up for the appropriate levels, should see them trickle in very shortly. If you are at “Pilot Bar” or higher, text us your shirt size because you will receive a shirt at the same time. And, of course, we thank you for your support.

Be safe out there everybody! Let’s get the chats going again on all of our media outlets. If we can’t physically go out and fly, we can still talk about it online, can we not?!


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6 comments on “Getting ready
  1. Harald Prestvik says:

    I do belive all of my work clothes have pro-seal on them, somewhere. And none of it was intentional. If you were so lucky as to perfectly seal an access cover you can be sure that 5 min later you realize your sitting on your own perfect work 🙃

  2. JP Kalishek says:

    For bicycle mechanics, it is bearing grease and in my day, tubular tire glue, mechanics it is never-seize (The spot that keeps on growing or spreading) and wood working it is polyurethane glue, and its cousin Crack sealing foam, marks a handy man or insulation worker.

    Roostair should take care, There is word of an H5N1 (bird flu) outbreak in China as well. China is the gift that keeps on giving.

  3. Fbs says:

    There are very few Cessna 172 with the intégral fuel tank and the extra long range provided by their 2 * 33,5 gal tanks (long range are 26,5 gal and regular only 21). Chuck is lucky to have this one..The drawback is…they need pro-seal occasionnaly
    So it’s a 180hp model…..

  4. Mo Davies says:

    Having built five “three axis Microlights” over the years, my clothes are all spotted with “Structural Adhesive”, I am now helping my son refurbish a Canal Barge (aka as a narrow boat). So now Gorilla Glue is covering the old adhesive stains.

  5. Richard L Link says:

    Send me in the future Chicken Wings

  6. Jeff Cassell says:

    I don’t work with P-seal much anymore, thank goodness, but biz-jets have their own little quirks. Love the strip! Great to see a comic that is for actual flying types. Keep up the great work, and stay safe.

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