Aviation history developments

I’m sitting here pondering what to write about this week’s comic after a really crazy week not for just us but for all of you as well I’m sure. I can see a lot of irony in posting about the great inventions mankind has made to get to the modern airline travel we now know while at the same time said modern airline travel is about to come to a screeching halt.

What will all of this madness bring for the aviation industry?
Will all airline travel be suspended? If so, what happens with our miles? Do we get to keep them?
Many questions … some more important than others, I admit …


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13 comments on “Aviation history developments
  1. Doug says:

    Can’t wait to see how you tie these three together!

  2. Doug says:

    Well… in flight cocktails, of course!

  3. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    Make that Petiot, instead of Petoit.
    Nothing like an Anglo-Saxon (Brit or US’an or Aussie or whatever) for misspelling people’s names.

  4. Francesco says:

    I start by saying that I love your comics.
    However, I have somehow the impression that you consider this Corona measurements as an unnecessary hassle or something that is simply damaging you miles account. I hope I am wrong.
    Please people, take it seriously and keep safe.

  5. Bernd says:

    One of the most telling statements is that the Covid-19 pandemic already has a much larger effect on the aviation industry as a whole, and even on Boeing, than the 737MAX disaster.

    And with the possible exception of South Korea and China, this is only just beginning.

    (I fear that if and when Korea and China lift their draconian measures, the spread will continue there again, but restarting from lower numbers. There is currently no cure and no vaccine, so there is nothing to stop it.)

  6. Bernd says:

    Karel A.J. ADAMS, you are aware that the brothers Strasser are from Austria,
    not Australia, and thus are neither Anglo-Saxon, nor anglophone, although I think Mike lives in an English-speaking country.

  7. stef says:

    Sorry, Keral, I’m really bad with spelling names! As the one who lettered this comic, I take full responsibility for this blunder. As Bernt pointed out, I’m a native German speaker, but still, French is like a foreign language to me.

    @ Francesko: Miek and I take the whole corona virus issue very seriously. I am hunkered down with my family in our house here in Austria and we’re strictly adhering to the social distancing rules.

    There’s a lot of (necessary and important) serious talk going on all over the web. Even though I very much agree with Bernt, that this is only just the beginning and that there are possibly some dark times ahead of us, maybe we can keep things a little bit on the lighter side around here.

  8. mike says:

    HA! My brother just proved yet again, how bad he is with spelling names. I assume “Miek” means “Mike”, LOL 😉

    @Francesko: My wife and I work in the emergency response business. We’ve been taking this virus very seriously and that well before the masses started panicking. But this website and especially my blogs aren’t exactly serious business. I am not actually worried about my airline miles at this point.

    I was kinda hoping for an airline and aviation related discussion with this blog and how this is affecting you guys who work in the industry.
    Just saw that the Midway tower got shut down yesterday. That’s crazy!

  9. stef says:

    @Miek: You wrote Francesco wrong! 😉

    (I don’t like explaining jokes, but I misspelled *all* the names, not just yours …)

  10. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    That point was soon clear, @Stef, and taken with a broad smile! And yes I know you were born a Germanophile, still the bad influence is clearly visible.

  11. mike says:

    Stef, I guess you just proofed how bad I am at proof reading things. I read right over all these names and didn’t even notice….
    This explains why I also didn’t catch Petoit when I was reading over this comic many times 😉

    Karel: Germanophile? bad influence?

  12. Bernd says:

    @Steph, I wholeheartedly agree that we should find reasons to laugh where we can, and I am very grateful for your comics to provide some of those light-hearted moments.

    Looking forward to meet you at AERO 2021!

  13. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    regarding how this is affecting you guys who work in the industry I do not work in the industry at all, I am a low-profile recreational pilot. But I do be affected quite badly: my CAA decided to forbid all kind of recreational flying, so that I find myself effectively grounded, and that in this glorious flying weather after weeks and weeks of stormy winds. No end to bad luck, it seems!

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