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Talking about the weather

The weather is an almost inexhaustible subject for conversation. What it’s like today, what it was like yesterday, how it’s supposed to be tomorrow, how we wish it would be like, how it was around this time last year, how

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Pretty lame

Another valiant attempt by Chuck. I, as a comic artist, obviously have a much easier time impressing the ladies than Chuck. All I need to do is drive up in my golden Maserati to my 60 foot yacht in Saint

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Snowily challenged

In the heat of summer this is probably an even more inappropriate pickup line than usual. Anybody would have a hard time building snow men now. Come to think of it, this pickup line has quite its geographical limitations, considering

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I didn’t hear you!

So Chuck finally has a girl’s attention and he is reaching deep into his bag of tricks to keep her interested. It seems a lot of you wish him the best. Maybe he deserves to get lucky one of these

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