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After the trade show

So I have to publicly admit here that I am just like Chuck when it comes to business cards. Every year I went to the HAI Helicopter Convention I ended up with a huge stash of business cards. And every

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Great quotes

I like how Hans continuously tries to come up with clever ways to keep his employees motivated. I guess if you are cheap, you need to try to be clever. I am not all that sure he is succeeding this

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Oil pan heater

Not a bad idea, you have to admit. Although pizza tastes good in most conditions, except maybe frozen, I also prefer it to be at least slightly warm. Thinking about it, somebody should take this idea and create heated mugs.

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Looks like we’ve got a rat

And the “Rat Saga” goes on. Looking at all your posts from earlier this week it seems to me that snakes are almost a bigger problem than rats. EEEK! I have never had one in the hangar or inside an

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