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Looks like we’ve got a rat

And the “Rat Saga” goes on. Looking at all your posts from earlier this week it seems to me that snakes are almost a bigger problem than rats. EEEK! I have never had one in the hangar or inside an

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You’re late for work!

Those of you who are old enough will probably remember a time before Google, when there was a plethora of competing search engines such as Yahoo, AltaVista, Infoseek, Netscape search etc. One of those search engines was called “Ask Jeeves”.

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Print that receipt

It’s always fun, with the benefit of hindsight, to analyze predictions from the past about today. And it looks like the prediction of the “paperless office” was about as wrong as you can get. But, on the other hand, maybe

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The classic signs

The first couple of sentences in this blog are just to avoid using the words that would give away the punchline. If you have already read the strip, you can continue reading… So, overworked and underpaid. Aren’t we all? I’m

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