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We sent this strip to some magazines, but were debating if we should use it on our website, because it’s one of those with pilot gobbledygook that may not be easily understandable for pedestrians. But then we thought, why not! …

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Decisions, decisions. I might react similar to Chuck here, because as a libra, I tend to be indecisive. Fortunately my ascendant sign is sagittarius, which means I don’t believe in astrology!

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I can tell Julio is joking here. And not just because I’m the one who drew him, but because an event registering a 9 on the Richter scale would mean an energy of approximately 2 Exajoule ( Joule) would have …

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Chuck and Julio are going to Oshkosh for the first time in their life! Well, Oshkosh, Nebraska… Hopefully they’ll make it in time for Oshkosh, Wisconsin and AirVenture 2012. Find out on Thursday! Also, Mike and Stefan will be going …

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