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Bob Hoover’s speed record

This cartoon is dedicated to one of our aviation idols, the legendary Bob Hoover who left us in October 2016 at the age of 94 which is no small feat if you read up on all the crazy stuff this

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Invention of the floatplane

I wonder if more inventions were born out of economic or other necessity (toilet paper?), out of the right combination of laziness with intelligence (TV remote), by mistake (the slinky) or out of the sheer drive to greatness (as would

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First ejection seat exit

Another one from our “Moments in Aviation History” series. An exit via ejection seat must be one of those things that are probably kinda cool to experience, but that, on the other hand, you hope you never experience at all.

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The invention of economy class

Here’s another strip from our spinoff series “Moments in Aviation History”. We’ve got a few more like that, and maybe we’ve already mentioned that we’d love to put them out as a book. Alas, time is short and we haven’t

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