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Still working on the movie script?

Writing is definitely one of those things that look easier than they actually are. And a lot of people I know have ideas about stories, books and movies they would love to write, if they only could find the time.

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If I should ever feel for a pseudonym, “Hotshot McThunderbolt” would probably be on top of the list too! But wait, now that I’ve mentioned that, I can’t really use it anymore. And “Maverick” clearly is taken. Hm, maybe “Ice

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Another screenplay?

Chucks frustrations most likely might come from our own past of trying to sell a movie script. But we will never know, will we? 😉 Many of you might not know this but we came pretty close to getting Chicken

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Print that receipt

It’s always fun, with the benefit of hindsight, to analyze predictions from the past about today. And it looks like the prediction of the “paperless office” was about as wrong as you can get. But, on the other hand, maybe

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