Calling in sick

First off: Last call for Lucca! I’ll be going to the Comic Festival in Lucca, Italy this Thursday and Friday! You can meet me at the “LoGisma” table (RCJ213) on the first floor of REAL COLLEGIO.  Just keep your eyes open for a giant drawing of Vincenzo Lunardi (an aviation pioneer) in the shape of a chicken! I know we have a lot of Italian fans, but I’m curious about the intersection between Chicken Wings readers / aviation fans and people who attend the comic festival … if you’re there, please say hi! or ciao! as it were.

As for today’s strip: I also feel tired, but unlike Chuck, in my case it’s my kids who are sick. The last few days and nights were exhausting. Fortunately it’s nothing terrible, just “normal” childhood diseases, but when both parents have to work, it’s quite a challenge. Anyway, now they’re both doing better again, fortunately, so I can leave for Italy with a good conscience.

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