Big news, everyone! I am going to be attending the first ComicCon in Vienna next month! And by „attending“ I mean „being invited as a special guest“. It seems the prophet has some honor in his own country after all! At least when he’s proselytizing the good word of chickens.

There’s a whole bunch of other guest stars coming too, most of them probably more famous than me. Besides comic artists of various ilks, there will also be actors from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Breaking Bad. Personally, I’m also looking forward to all the Cosplayers roaming the halls.

I will have a table in in the Artist Alley pushing my wares, signing books and hopefully talking to lots of fans. Be sure to stop by and say hi! I will also be part of a panel discussion on stage, and have at least one interview scheduled, but I’ll probably be at my table 75% of the time.

So, if you’re living in Vienna or in the vicinity, what better way to spend a probably wet, cold and foggy November weekend than geeking out in the warm cozy halls of the Messe Wien? I’d certainly be happy to meet you!

The show times are:

Saturday, November 21, 2015: 10:00 – 19:00
Sunday, November 22, 2015: 10:00 – 17:00

Here’s the website:

ViennaComicCon 2015

Drawing Contest

Woohoo! We’re having a drawing contest! To enter, all you have to do is draw your favorite Chicken Wings character or aircraft (anything Chicken Wings related, really) and post it as a image in a comment HERE on our Facebook page! Everybody can vote by liking the submissions. And to make it a bit exciting, we’re giving away some prizes. Here’s what you can win:

1st Prize: The picture with the most likes will win you a $100 gift voucher for one of our online shops.
2nd Prize: The second best entry will receive a custom, Chicken Wings style profile picture hand-drawn by Stef.
Raffle Prize: Among all entrants, we will raffle off a $50 gift voucher. So you don’t have to be a Leonardo da Vinci to win! (Although it may help you, of course).

You can submit and vote until Tuesday, March 3rd!

Good luck everyone!!

Click on the image below to enter and/or view other people’s entries:

Chicken Wings Drawing Contest

Youtube Channel

Also, we recently created our very own Youtube Channel! Check it out HERE! We’ve uploaded four videos so far. Two of those videos are short tutorials on how to draw Chuck and Julio, perfectly timed for the drawing contest! Also, you can watch Mike autorotate with a Huey and a watch the Chicken Wings Cessna taxi in Henderson, Las Vegas.

We haven’t yet gotten around to creating our own animated show (a project we’ve been dreaming about for years), but if we ever do, now at least we have our Youtube channel ready! 🙂

As some of you might know, our chickens went digital in the form of Kindle back in 2012 when this book came out. It was quite a learning process for us in this new scary digital world. We spent a lot of research and bought many other Kindle comics to see what guys were doing and what we didn’t like in order to make this book a better experience for our readers.

Chicken Wings 4 - Gold Rush - eBook Cover - Kindle Version

Click to view on Amazon!

At the time, color readers had just come out and we didn’t have the variety we have now. There also weren’t a whole lot of Kindle comics out back and a lot of them seemed clunky and hard to use which we are sure has changed by now. Some were just scanned images with no function and options. Hopefully we did a better job than that.

We were curious to see if any of you tuning in on regular basis have the Kindle Version and what you thought of it. Maybe even share a little review with us on Amazon?

Please let us know. If we see a lot of interest, we might come out with more apps and Kindle stuff in the near future.

Due to popular demand and because we think we kinda sprung this on you without much notice yesterday we have decided to extend our 20% discount for a few days.

We also think Chuck’s term of “Cyborg Monday” was really funny and had a blast making the last comic strip. So let’s extend the offer until “Cyborg Monday” is over with the hopes Chuck will survive this horrible day in history!

Keep using the discount code “CHUCKBF2014” until the end of Monday and keep in mind that this code will discount products already discounted even more! Mind blown! We know, right?! ….