Corsair Mug Raffle

As you guys know, Chuck, and Mike, and Stefan all love Corsairs and everything surrounding Corsairs and everything related to this awesome WWII fighter plane, the F4U Corsair. So it might not come as a surprise to you that we have a ton of Corsair Memorabilia and probably a few extras laying around. Let’s do a quick Roost-Air Raffle and give away a free Corsair mug to “aviation up” your kitchen.
(did I use the word “Corsair” enough in a sentence correctly?)

Tell us what your favorite airport is and maybe a quick byline why and we’ll draw a winner next Tuesday!

F4U Corsair Mug

F4U Corsair Mug

I’ll start: Camarillo, CA – KCMA – because that’s where I soloed my first helicopter, the airport restaurant is awesome, and a chapter of the CAF is based there with lots of cool old planes.

The rules are: Post your comment in the … uhm … “comment” section by clicking on “comment” underneath this post on our website and wait until Tuesday. If your “comment” isn’t airport related, it won’t enter the contest 😉
I think that’s it. Comments posted on facebook are welcome but won’t enter the contest since we don’t want to exclude non-facebook users. And don’t worry, posting a comment on our website doesn’t sign you up for a newsletter, spam, or anything else. Just post your name and email. Doesn’t even need to be your real name but should be your real email if you want to be notified as the winner 😉

We want to see where you guys think the coolest airports are! So…… GO!

Corsair Mug

Model not included!!

32 comments on “Corsair Mug Raffle
  1. Gillespie Field, first wrenched and flew.

  2. Wade Moeller says:

    E11 – Andrews County Airport.

    Instead of gouging flyers on fuel, they charge just a bit more then their cost. With 3 runways, one about 5800 feet and 2 others around 3000 feet in excellent condition, it sees quite a lot of cross country traffic. I’ve seen a pair of Bell helis on the way to Heli-Expo in Las Vegas, many Beech 18s, very very fast experimentals (Kerosene Dreams and Little Red Rocket), and a slew of Citations and Falcons due to the oilfields. It’s always entertaining to hear those pilots look at our fleet of Citabrias and say “Cool”.

    I guess the aircraft is always greener in the other hangar.

  3. Carlo Cattaneo says:

    Courchevel, FR – CVF – LFLJ

    Because.. Well, just because.. Who doesn’t like a challenge? Like flying into a mountain in a ‘controlled’ fashion?! And because you need a special ‘mountain airfield rating’ to fly there and it just sounds like great fun. Not to mention that my airline used to fly there a bunch of years ago and I still keep the hope we will fly there again.. :-p

  4. Raimer Hauke says:

    Flugplatz Warngau
    No ICAO code, Restricted Airfield south of Munich, Germany

  5. Ulrich says:

    Tarmstedt Segelflug, Northern Germany. Started there learning to soar, on a ASK13. Sure belonging to the best hours of my life. Very good soaring-conditions for german means. Nice site in a beautyful landscape and a lot of friendly people addicted to sailplanes.

  6. Jed Taylor says:

    KABI – Abilene Regional

    It’s my home field and where I’m currently learning to fly. It also has just about every type of aviation present, from initial flight training to airlines, fixed wing and rotary, passengers and freight, civilian and military. It’s got the hustle and bustle of a busy airport with the charm of a small town field.

  7. David says:

    KCHK – Chickasha, Oklahoma.

    My flight school is there. First time I sat in the left seat. City FBO with everything you need. Laid back. Traffic pattern is very light allowing for really efficient use of time when doing touch and goes. And, finally, very nice Oklahoma scenery from 3000 feet.

  8. Chris Russo says:

    I would have to say one of my favorite airports is Hammond, Louisiana and the Top Gun FBO. It is a larger uncontrolled field (when last I was there) and is nestled amoungst the tall pines that surround the town. I flew in and out of there many times from 2010-2014. The FBO and staff at Top Gun are courteous and fun. There are great chairs on the FBO porch to just sit and enjoy the planes taking off and landing on a lazy warm spring day.

  9. Leigh says:

    BOW – Bartow, FL

    My finance gave me my first ride in a Cessna 172 from this airport. This was also my first ride ever in a small aircraft.

  10. Sai says:

    6S9 – Stehekin State Airport

    Located at the bottom of a valley on the north end of Lake Chelan. I never flew in/out of there but constantly was walking and working around it for 2 weeks in August digging contingency line. It seems to make for a very interesting and scenic approach and departure.

  11. Adam says:

    Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan – RODN. It is not only where I did a majority of my flight training flight training for my Private Pilot license, but also had some great hallenges. My long X-county flight took me over the ocean hopping from island to island. It also was great training for crosswind landings.

  12. Mo Davies says:

    An Airfield where I converted from Gliding to fixed wing, Baxby is actually a Farm Strip in North Yorkshire, England. The longest Runway at 1,200 feet has 44,000 Volt wires over one end about 50 feet in from the hold, and a hedge at the other. Two shorter runways at 800 feet each, have; the pylon for the 44Kv lines, a railway embankment,a hangar and a barbed wire fence at the ends. It teaches one how to land. If you can fly out of here, you can fly out of anywhere! I have landed and taken-off in all six directions. A pilot who found it on Google Earth posted a comment that it must be a spoof, nobody would operate from there!

  13. Eric G. says:

    Wow so many choices… I would have to say the former Grimbergen Airfield in Brussels Belgium. An old grass WWII airfield with huge round hangers used for General aviation up until the mid nineties…sadly now an industrial park. First solo’ed there in a Piper Super Cub. Interesting field as it was VERY close to the Brussels International airport and had height restrictions entering and exiting the field zone. Second choice, CYOW in Ottawa, Canada. International airport, but with its own general aviation side with its own runways (also a former WWII base). Learned how to operate at a “BIG” field there, and completed my commercial, mult-IFR training at this airport. Still live close by…

  14. PB says:

    Santa Monica – KSMO – historic airport, convenient to the Los Angeles west side. Critical for emergency medic support and police helicopter operation. The DC3 was built there by McDonnell Douglas. Lear developed his first autopilot there. And I flew from there in the 1970s.
    Houses were built around KSMO so the community is agitating for it close, which will be tragic. Developers are lusting for the land. I hope that the airport survives the pressure, and the antagonistic city council.

  15. Tobi says:

    Zürich-Kloten, LSZH, especially in the morning when the sun lights up all the mountains in the back

  16. Ray L Rivera says:

    KLUK – Cincinnati Lunken. Cradle of what will someday be Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, AWESOME looking Art Deco control tower / administration building, legendary restaurant (Sky Galley) – and Sporty’s Pilot Shop is only 10 nms away at Clermont Co Airport (I69.)

  17. Fred Wedemeier says:

    Dallas North airport. You’re not going to visit unless you can travel back in time 35 years or so. Where it was is surrounded by at least 5 miles of housing developments and shopping malls in all directions. Where I learned to fly, of course. 46 years later, my first solo still seems like a few weeks ago. Without the instructor’s weight, the 150 accelerated and seemed to jump off the runway. Passed over the end of the runway in sheer exhilaration, “I’m alone, flying this airplane!” Then turning downwind, a moment of terror, “I’m alone, flying this airplane…”

  18. rcdude07 says:

    KINT – Winston Salem, NC. Grew up going to its annual airshow and got a intro lesson for a birthday gift at 18 years old. Also helps being close to the approach path for it and KGSO (which stopped airshows due to loss of commercial flights that day).

  19. Brett Lykins says:

    KDIJ – Driggs, Idaho. This is one of my favorite airports. It is beautiful to fly in and out of, as it is tucked away in the teton valley at the foot of the Teton mountains. This proximity to the rocky mountains brings many unique challenges to pilots. One of these many challenges KDIJ offers to lowland pilots is its elevation. Runway 3/21(the only runway) is situated at an elevation of over 6200 feet. It is just a few minutes flight to the east from the airport at the ski resort in Jackson Wyoming and my current home airport, KRXE to the west. Also, there is a pretty cool restaurant and flight museum located inside. Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

  20. Merijn @ home says:

    North Denes EGSD Great Yarmouth UK

    Sadly closed now CHC has left.
    I will always remember arriving there for the first time as an offshore green horn.
    Coming in by taxi over a gravel road behind the dog racing stadium.
    Seeing the sheds and porta cabins I looked up and around expecting to see the last flight of Spitfires to come in low just above the hedges.

  21. Adrien says:

    LFNZ – Mazet de Romanin.
    Down the Alpilles skyline, middle of Provence, France. Legend says ancient roman settlers built up this East-West ridge facing strong wind Mistral in anticipation of gliders invention a few centuries later!! Less ancient vintage spot lights remains from an epic time duration records still existed. Remains today a nice place to soar over South of France, very educational landing patterns, and a friendly atmosphere. A bientôt!

  22. Sidney Bruis says:

    EHTX-Texel International Airport.
    Just off the Dutch coast lies the pittoresque island Texel. The airfield has a well maintained grass landing strip, a great restaurant with good food ( the hamburgers don’t cost $100,- ;-), decent landing rates and every year a great Fly In. And if that’s not enough they host each year a Fly In Cinema were you can watch a movie while sitting in your airplane, how cool is that ? EHTX was my first landing place other than my home base airport and it still has a great feeling landing there. They mean it when saying friendship is part of their business !

  23. Andrea Scordia says:

    Innsbruck in Austria!
    Because from the parking lot to the gate are less than 3 minutes and taking off from there is always a great visual experience!

  24. Greg Rees says:

    Coolest airport or coolest airport bar? Coolest airport was NAS Key West we got all the Navy fighters and Air Farce guys coming in. Coolest bar is Bridgeport-Sikorsky, the windsock right on the side of the runway. Have a cold one talk airplanes and watch the action.

  25. The G~Man says:

    Airports are for Airplanes…. Here is a great picnic spot:

  26. Fabo says:

    Well that’s a hard question… Obviously LZKZ is the local one. But… there isn’t much to it besides that.
    LZTT, nice one under the mountains, highest international airport in Europe I believe.
    LKKL is dear to me, that is where I was introduced to aeroclub life. And attempted to start my gliding career.

    And then there are two I like because of their location. LOWI – Innsbruck, in the alpine valley. I was to drive through there last summer, but it didn’t work out – maybe this next one. And EGLC – LCY – in London Docklands, close to the City.

  27. Trantor says:

    HAM / EDDH
    Hamburg International Airport, busy but very welcoming to GA, too. Friendly and professional Tower, even to newbies. Hangar space available for your C172 without(!) prior reservation. Slightly expensive, but far from rip-off. Separate GA-Tarmac with plenty of space.
    For spotters splendid positions all around, even two cafes, the “Coffee to fly” on an elevated position in the north at rwy 31, roughly where most jet-a/c rotate, or the cafe at the GAT next to to the point where airliners start their t/o-run on 31. Earsplitting! :-))
    Plus lots of exotic guests, thx to Lufthansa Technik, e.g. plenty, and i MEAN PLENTY, of Boeing 747 BBJs, or Luftwaffe A310/340s or Transalls.

  28. Miguel Pinheiro says:

    Montijo, Portugal – LPMT
    Once one of the main portuguese Naval Aviation bases, is now a Portuguese Air Force Airfield. In 1993, when the PO Navy restarted flying, the Navy Helicopter Squadron, flying the Lynx Mk95 helicopter, and continuing (after a long break) the Naval Aviation History in Portugal, was based there, in the SW corner of the base. Until now, the PO Navy Helicopter Sqn holds the great record of 22 service years – ZERO accidents, with a total of 22000 flying hours on 5 helicopters.

  29. Ed says:

    Cable (CCB) Where else can you find a family owned ,public use airport with a general store and get a great hamburger and watch the students bounce down the runway. Don’t forget to turn right after take off, don’t fly over the college!

  30. mike says:


    “Leigh” is getting a “Corsair Mug” just like the one Chuck has in his office!!
    Thanks everybody for participating. Please keep tuning in every week, we are planning on more “fowl action” soon.

    Picking the winner for this raffle was easy. All we did was put the number of posts in a random number generator which came up with the number “9” this time. Then we just counted down from the top until we hit post #9. Maybe next time we’ll count from the bottom up, who knows….

  31. Phil says:

    Flying to AirVenture Oshkosh, I had a flying newbie as my passenger. I had emphasized before and during the flight how precisely the arrival procedure had to be followed, and the unusual ‘land long” and “land short” option we might have. When we monitored the ATIS, it ended “. . .advise you have Hotel.” My friend asked, somewhat stunned, “You mean we can’t land if we don’t have a hotel reservation?!”

  32. mike says:

    HAHA! That’s a great story, Phil!
    At a place as busy as OSH, I can almost see them do that, LOL 😉
    We might have to use that in a strip!

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