Hi Everybody!

I heard the forum is broken and I can’t get in there myself either right now.

The problem I have is that my website administrator, also known as my brother, also known as Stefan, also known as the artistic talent behind Chicken Wings, is on vacation until Sunday. I have no passwords and/or “knowledge” to even begin troubleshooting this problem. (I spent most of my life learning how to operate helicopters and neglected ever aquiring any computer skills).

So, PLEASE be patient! We’ll have the forum up again as soon as possible!

We’re having another contest!

It seems like fire season is starting to spool down for me and I might have more time for Chicken Wings yet once again. Not a new idea but an old favorite of mine is having contests and it’s been a while.
So let’s have another one!

Ok, here is what we were thinking of doing this time:
You guys come up with a great line to help sell our Chicken Wings and we pick the best line.
The winner can pick an item out of our shop.

Who’s in? Check out more details in our forum!

More great news for the iPhone wielding crowd amongst you! We proudly present the first Chicken Wings computer game! It’s available for your iPhone or iPod Touch, and you can get it in the Apps Store HERE.

It is our first dabble in computer games, so we went for a very simple game concept, which turned out to be extremely addictive! The game basically works just like “whack a mole”, but with Chicken Wings characters instead of moles. Try to hit Chuck and Hans to gain points, hit Julio to extend your time, but don’t hit Sally or she will take away your coffee (life)!

The game was developed by Patoing mobile media, the same people who helped us with the comic strip app. Unlike the comic strip sampler, the game is not free, but we set it at the lowest possible price.

Check it out! And don’t forget to give us your feedback in our forum!

Chucks quest to build his own F4U Corsair goes on. And he’s taking all the right steps.
Or is he?

Happy 4th of July for those of you who celebrate their independence today!