Check this out guys!

We were talking in the forum about how many languages Chuck already speaks since we just added “Russian” to the numerous languages you can already find Chicken Wings in all over the globe. Well, as it often happens in the forum, the messing-around commences and the suggestion was made to translate Chicken Wings into “Australian”. Well……our buddy (excuse me, “mate”) Gibbo from the forum stepped up to the plate and I just had to put this on the front page!
And does anybody else see the humor in the fact that we picked a strip with Chuck and Julio in the snow?

Imagine us in aviation react to an AD the way the media and the public are right now with the “Gas Pedal AD” Toyota just came out?!
Our planes and helicopters would never fly! How about the aviation approach: Check the serial number to see if you are affected. Practice the emergency procedure until the fix comes out. Then fix it, or replace the part with the new part number. Carry on. It seems so simple. (for once the FAA seems more reasonable than the media)
I remember Cessna had some sort of an issue with their pedals and/or brakes at one point with their 172’s or 152’s. No big deal, right?!
I think I will keep driving my Toyota in the meantime. Oh! And never mind the fact that most middle-lane-drivers I encounter on my travels between CA and NV seem to have the brake pedal stuck, not the gas pedal!

Just wanted to get that of my chest!

Hi Everybody!

We are back to work after a great time skiing! Once again we’re (somewhat) rested and full of new ideas and strips. I sure hope you’ll like them. Chuck is going to be in rare form the beginning of the year!
Maybe this year we can even finish revamping our website which we were planning on doing for 3 years now, who knows?!
I know many of you have been asking for an RSS feed. It will happen soon, we’re working on it. Write us if you have ideas on what else the new website should have!

That’s the tag line our friend Rocky uses down in Texas. I totally love it! If any of you happen to be at the Sebring Light Sport Expo in Sebring, Florida on January 21st, go see him. He’s the t-shirt guy and he’s got some good stuff (“RSP” is the company name). We also gave him some signed Chicken Wings books to distribute.

I myself will be heading to Austria to see my brother for some serious brain-storming (and some skiing, of course). So expect a few delays on the USA-shop side for the next two weeks and write us if you need something right away.

Happy New Decade Everybody!
Let’s make it a good one for all of us! Who’s in?!