First Chicken Wings iPhone Game! OUT NOW!

More great news for the iPhone wielding crowd amongst you! We proudly present the first Chicken Wings computer game! It’s available for your iPhone or iPod Touch, and you can get it in the Apps Store HERE.

It is our first dabble in computer games, so we went for a very simple game concept, which turned out to be extremely addictive! The game basically works just like “whack a mole”, but with Chicken Wings characters instead of moles. Try to hit Chuck and Hans to gain points, hit Julio to extend your time, but don’t hit Sally or she will take away your coffee (life)!

The game was developed by Patoing mobile media, the same people who helped us with the comic strip app. Unlike the comic strip sampler, the game is not free, but we set it at the lowest possible price.

Check it out! And don’t forget to give us your feedback in our forum!

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