Safety first

This strip comes a bit late in the year, I have to admit. I for one have already stowed away my office fan. Right now is the glorious time, which lasts for about 2-3 weeks, where the temperature in my office is just right. This happens once in spring and once in fall. he other times it’s either too hot or too cold. Soon, I’ll have to get the little electric heater I got to supplement my temperature needs.

I don’t have a safety pro like Chuck around to keep an eye on things though. I fact, I have two pros in un-safety who enter my office at irregular intervals to perform random tests of my safety standards. …


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5 comments on “Safety first
  1. Keith says:

    heh, I got a little prop bite week before…mind not full sized. And this isn’t even a prop brand considered ‘sharp’. Oh and it was the trailing edge while starting. I hand prop everything except electric and not sure I’ll ever trust those.

  2. Leeloo says:

    That must be the first time Chuck takes safety seriously.

  3. Person says:

    Well that’s Chuck… Safety police in ordinary situations, and an ape with a deformed brain when in the cockpit.

  4. rwill says:

    I once was leaving work and as I started my car I yelled “clear prop” out the window. That brought forth a few laughs from others standing around.

    I also had the tendency to start pulling on the steering wheel when getting up to 65 too.

  5. Karel A.J. ADAMS says:

    Chuck is nothing taking safety seriously. Chuck is showing off his (self-perceived) superiority. Not the first time, that, not at all.

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