Out of office

I am sure many of you have worked in aviation companies where things run just a little more efficient when the boss is NOT around. I have worked at places where there were chuckles every time the boss said he’d come out to help things “run smoother” because he usually achieved the exact opposite. I have even worked a contract on which the boss was scheduled to fly relief, where everyone involved worked extra days voluntarily, just to avoid the boss coming out and keep things running smoothly the way they were. Most of the customers we fly for like consistency.

When I was in charge of hiring, I believed in hiring the right people from the get-go and then just let them run with it. I tried not to be a micro manager, but I am sure once you lost my trust, I was exactly that. I might never know how exactly my pilots felt about me back when, but I am hoping they weren’t doing what the Roost Air crew is doing behind Hans’s back here 😉


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2 comments on “Out of office
  1. Lloyd Massy says:

    Love the champagne!

  2. Karlchen says:

    As before, this is quite a well-known and common occurrence, and not all limited to any one business or activity.
    Did I mention to 90 employees out of 100 who know the trade and keep the shop running, then the 9 who cannot do the job but can explain, and are made to handle ITIL and all that ridiculous stuff, and then the 100th who can neither do the job nor explain, and is often made a manager so as to keep her/him out of harm’s way? Everybody is happy to see such people away – certainly the 90, and even a few of the 9!

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