Life-sized drop tanks

When you google “F4U Corsair parts”, you will find more parts for a Corsair scale or RC model than for the real thing. I guess you really have to know where to find them and that is how Chuck ended up with model drop tanks last week. When it comes to old airplane parts, there are quite a bit of hustlers and a bunch of misinformation out there as well. Which explains how Chuck ended up with this new set of drop tanks. Not that even the right drop tanks would get him any closer to his goal of flying his Corsair anyway but … well … it’s Chuck.

I would really want to see a bit more progress for Chuck, however. The irony is that when we first started Chicken Wings, it was still possible for a mere mortal to fix up an old plane. By now these things cost millions and millions of dollars. We are trying to think up a new story line on how Chuck will finance his project so the math works out. I mean, he already has the wheels, the fuselage, a canopy, three pistons, and the wheels. He is almost there.

Do any of you know where to buy old war plane parts by any chance?


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3 comments on “Life-sized drop tanks
  1. JP Kalishek says:

    I’d ask Kermit Weeks.

    by the by, the front page is still last week’s comic, to get to today’s I had to click on the comic, then select the next arrow.

  2. Bruce says:

    You should be able to get some from Yuri Orlov, but delivery depends if they found all the parts for his AN-12B that got dismantled in Africa.

  3. Bill Waymouth says:

    curtesy aircraft has some.

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