Broken autopilot

Sorry, I can’t think of anything fitting the subject to write. Last week, my wife and I looked at each other and both said “I can’t believe how lucky we are that none of us got seriously sick this winter, with everybody else around dropping like flies.” Well, you can guess where this goes. Next day, son #2 started to puke for a day, then came the fever. Two days later son #1 came down with a fever, and yesterday it had finally reached me. Well, anyway, it doesn’t feel that bad so far. The plan is to be fully operational again in a couple of days. At least I have enough energy to crawl into my office to upload this strip! Cheers!

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6 comments on “Broken autopilot
  1. Magnoire La Chouette says:

    I hope you and your sons feel better soon! And that your wife doesn’t get it!

  2. stef says:

    Thanks! Keeping my fingers crossed! My wife is always the last line of defense. Fortunately she has the best immune system of all of us. We’d be lost without her!

  3. Michael says:

    Gute Besserung!

  4. Bruce Bergman says:

    Welcome to the Influenza… >_< Pray it's just a common cold.

    Lots of Orange Juice (or tons of Vitamin C) stay warm and hydrated keep water always at hand) eat properly balanced meals (get something in you even if you don't feel like it) and don't overexert yourselves till it's been gone a couple days. DAMHIKT.

  5. Captain Dunsel says:

    Good luck (especially to your patient wife, having to take care of a house full of ill people, hopefully not catching it herself!

    Regarding no autopilot and bumpy landings, my wife had one R/C model (Top Flite Contender) that had a thick, symmetrical wing. She could just fly it onto the runway, never needing to flare…of course, that spoiled her and she had to learn to flare all over again with the next model (once I fixed the landing gear).


  6. Ed says:

    This reminded me of the first time I took my wife up. It was in the 172 I learned to fly in, got up to about 5000 ft when she said to put in autopilot as she started to undress, well I had to give her the bad news, but it was fun when we got home!

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