Baby Yoda

My wife LOVES Baby Yoda. She thinks “The Child” is just the cutest thing that ever walked the earth… I mean planet… some planet or planets… or uhm… universe… galaxy? … so to speak. The only thing that could make “Baby Yoda” cuter is if Baby Groot was to be friends with him with them both saving the galaxy.
And I also love “Baby Yoda” (I call “it” Baby Yoda”, because “species-looking-similar-to-Yoda-from-some distant-planet-I-actually-know-nothing-about-and/or-never thought-about” is too long to say) but for a slightly different reason, beside his obvious cuteness.

I think Jon Lavreau is an absolute genius! Nothing about “The Mandalorian” and its previous aired on TV gave you any indications about “The Child”. The whole thing was so secret, they didn’t even build any Yoda dolls in advance in order to not give away the characters existence until the day the first episode aired! That is why you couldn’t find anything about Baby Yoda for Christmas (trust me, I tried to find something for my wife). And of course, everybody immediately fell in love with this surprise character. Nobody knew anything about The Child, who still just plays a supporting role technically. But yet Lavreau somehow knew how this thing would resonate with all the hardcore Star Wars fans. A total surprise and a merchandising power move! Get ready for many Baby Yoda dolls to tie you over until the next season airs.
I guess we will have to step up our game now with Chicken Wings.
But as far as parodies go, TV show lines like “This is the way!” and “I have spoken” are comedy gold for us, since we all know Chuck will definitely go and run with these things…

We wish you all a Happy New Year and hope to see you around throughout the still new 2020 which will definitely be more awesomer than 2019!

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6 comments on “Baby Yoda
  1. Brennan Vilcheck says:

    I have spoken.

  2. JL says:

    This is the way

  3. BryNX says:

    I wonder if Hans would invest in getting X-Wings in the Roost Air fleet?

  4. Thunderclaw says:

    X wings would be bad idea the would not hold up to chuck, YT-1300s would though.

  5. BryNX says:

    You’re right. Plus, it’s a freighter so Roost Air can expand into the cargo airline business!

  6. RG2Cents says:

    Happy New Year to you too!

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