At the pilot shop

Speaking of pilot shops, have I mentioned already that we have another book coming out shortly? Let me squeeze in yet another shameless plug about it. Support your local pilot shop or order directly from us online! You can pre-order them now, if you want to go the online route. See our stores for details.

I am just like Chuck in a lot of ways in that I could spend thousands of dollars in pilot shops. That’s if I had them, I guess. Once again I am faced with the fact that Chuck and I are a lot more alike than I want to admit. I just spend many hundreds of dollars on new hearing protection. It’s no joke, but looking at all the semi deaf helicopter pilots I hang out with, I know it’s a good investment. However that is money I have to spend for my job. There are so many other neat things in those stores I’d like to spend the money on like books and GPS’s. Too bad most local pilot shops are going away. I always enjoyed looking around and dreaming of the next cool gadget to buy.

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4 comments on “At the pilot shop
  1. Neil says:

    I’ve bought a goodly number of your books. Fantastic.
    I have a complaint.
    As I read them in places where other pilots are, they ask to have a look and borrow them. Pilots being well…pilots none have found their way back to me.
    So please can you add in a GPS tracking device to your books in future. 🙂

  2. Andrew says:

    That’s great news, Mike! Consider one copy of the new book to be already sold, plus a couple of other items from your online shop, which fortunalely only offers highly affordable items. 🙂

    Speaking of expensive professional devices, although I’m not a pilot myself I’ve come to the conclusion that spending some money for one’s long term professional health and safety is… priceless (pun not intended).

  3. Andrew says:

    Book 6 preordered (signed copy).

    BTW, I had missed both of the announces you made on March 14th and 23rd, perhaps because of the blog nature of this website, the latest comic of course always being on top.

  4. Tarasdad says:

    Chuck is to pilots’s shops as I am to local hobby shops. I go in, I see all the beautiful model kits – and then I count the dust bunnies in my wallet and just have to sigh.

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