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Multiple choice test

It’s been forever since I last took a multiple choice test. My recent experiences were all just survey questions. But man, to construct a decent survey seems to be an art in itself, because half of the time they leave

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Online Test

The only thing more annoying than an online test is a badly designed or buggy online test, where the website doesn’t recognize a correct answer as correct, freezes half an hour in, or crashes when you hit the final submit

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I’m sure many of you can relate to Jason here. I know I can, and I’m not even a pilot! But I sure know the feeling of concentrating so hard on something that at some point I start feeling the

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Pep talk

As somebody who is self employed and works alone in his office all day, I don’t have the benefit of having somebody giving me inspiring pep talks like Chuck does in this strip. Like everything in life, it’s a two-sided

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