Rule number one

So many rules! But that’s life in a civilized society for you. I have never heard the expression “fly the coop” before Mike came up with this strip, by the way. But now that I know it, I already noticed it a few times in movies or shows. I wonder how many other things I don’t pick up, without even noticing. It’s as if English is a foreign language to me!

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6 comments on “Rule number one
  1. Fred Wedemeier says:

    Reminds me of a conversation when I was learning how to fly – Way long before parachutes on an airplane. I don’t recall the emergency situation in question, but the instructor’s answer was “Put your feet up on the instrument panel.” My response, obviously, “Why??” — To make it easier to bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

  2. kilodelta7 says:

    my instructor used the phrase ” FLY the Dad-gum Airplane ” and even made me land a simulated engine failure.

  3. Catapult says:

    Still wrapping my mind around the concept that there might be a pilot driving around up there who is more confused than Chuck…

  4. Quill says:

    If all else fails, FLY THE DAMN AIRPLANE! That should always be #1 priority, make sure the plane keeps flying. Radio failure, navigation mixup, system malfunction, whatever the case may be, just take a deep breath and know that if the airplane is still flying, you’re most likely going to be okay. Even if the engine fails, as long as you still have control odds are in your favor. But the moment you aren’t flying the plane, it’s all over. Heard of numerous famous accidents where some little thing went wrong, like a landing gear indicator light – sure we’ve all heard of that Eastern Airways L1011 – and the pilots forgot to fly the plane and crashed. I think this is a good philosophy in anything in life – if anything goes wrong, consider the most fundamental aspect – generally if you are still alive – realize that things will turn out alright, and proceed from there.

  5. Keith says:

    Grew up with lots of IP’s from Tinker AFB around, dad was a small plane pilot. I still fly model airplanes and dad agrees it’s best I don’t fly full size (seriously, my love of flying fast and low or low and slow is epic). But the one thing he taught me and those guys brought up over and over. “No matter what keep flying the plan until it stops moving.”

  6. NOVIAN says:

    Yeah, somtimes rules is sucks

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