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No flying today

We’ve actually been getting a little bit of snow here in the last couple of days. Not enough to last until Christmas, of course, but I would guess that the chances for a white Christmas are better than ever this

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Streak of bad landings

Well, as the saying goes, any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. To have a constant sense of success and achievement, the trick is to set the bar low enough. As a natural born perfectionist, I

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Flying formation with Nobu

As a layman, one of the thing that fascinates me most about flying formation is not just how close the planes can get (which is fascinating, of course), but how they manage to fly exactly the same speed. Maybe I’m

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Since I have seen both side of this coin, I do feel for the mechanics. This happened to me plenty of times in my younger years. The pilot landed and walked away while I was there all night fixing the

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