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Flying formation with Nobu

As a layman, one of the thing that fascinates me most about flying formation is not just how close the planes can get (which is fascinating, of course), but how they manage to fly exactly the same speed. Maybe I’m

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Since I have seen both side of this coin, I do feel for the mechanics. This happened to me plenty of times in my younger years. The pilot landed and walked away while I was there all night fixing the

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Second best part of the air show

Nobody can tell me we haven’t all been there before! I am certainly guilty and learned many lessons like this the hard way, sometimes over and over. I guess I’m not a quick study. It almost looks like Nobu is

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Driving to Miramar II

Of course the Blue Angels are one of the main reasons for Chuck to go to Miramar in the first place. I’ve never seen them at a show, but I did see them in real life once. It was 2008

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