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Have you seen people do similar things? It’s the old “yeah, I know the rules, but I know better” approach. In aviation, we also call that “normalization of deviancy”. It is a big thing lately with the FAA and most operators I have worked for. The fact, that some people, or chickens like Chuck, don’t have the technical understanding or at least common sense to not push/press/pull on critical aircraft surfaces, is the reason why we have so many mandatory placards on all aircraft in the first place. And these are the insiders of aviation! The public is even worse. I have seen people let their kids swing from pitot tubes, or rotor blade tie downs, sit on elevators or ailerons, you name it. All you pilots who have ever taken an aircraft to an airshow or convention know what I’m talking about 😉
You really need to watch your aircraft like a hawk or rope it off.

I also think Chuck misunderstood one of the PIC rules a little. If I remember that right, FAR 91.3 (b) mentions that in an in-flight emergency requiring immediate action, the pilot in command may deviate from any rule of this part to the extent required to meet that emergency. I don’t remember it saying anything about the PIC being able to deviate from any rule he or she just “deems silly”, lol.

But I do like how Julio handled the situation. 😉


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  1. Mo Davies says:

    I once used stencils to paint “NO HANDLING” signs on the tail of a Ka4 glider. Unfortunately, I missed out the “N” on one side. As we were on RAF Brueggen, in Germany, a fellow club member modified my signage to read “KEINE HANDLIG”, claiming that side was for German members! Best joke of the day?

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