Inspection covers

I assume we should write a trigger warning for mechanics above this strip. But I guess, no matter the profession, everybody has experienced a situation where the “help” is actually, shall we say “counterproductive”.

Fortunately, I work alone in my office. I most often run into this problem when I’m doing some work around the house, be it mowing the lawn or building something, and then one or both of my kids wants to help me. I confess, I don’t always succeed in being as patient as I should be (especially when there’s some time pressure), but I always try to remind myself how much I loved helping my dad with any of his projects and what a great feeling it was to feel helpful. Lucky for me, my kids don’t show the same initiative as Chuck (yet?) to go ahead and start my projects without me, haha!


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3 comments on “Inspection covers
  1. J Segal says:

    I love that the first panel could be a strip in its own right.

    Otherwise – been there, done that. No flying wrenches, but empty jars and those half-cans used for holding screws…that’s a different story!

  2. Raptorzs says:

    As a mechanic… *twitch* *twitch*

  3. David Parkowski says:

    Been there done that! When I was young I was helping my buddy rebuild an engine and not knowing I had to index the cam to the gear I pulled it out of the engine casing and my buddy lost it. LoLz…. 25 years later we laugh about it.

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