Helping with the inspection covers

There’s this old trope that men pretend to be stupid or clumsy at certain tasks so that their wife will become irritated to the point where she will just do it for him. I’m sure that’s true in some circumstances, but I not only think that this strategy is equally employed by both sexes, but also that in many cases it is not just pretense. I can speak from personal experience that, yes, many times I AM that stupid or clumsy.

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5 comments on “Helping with the inspection covers
  1. Quill says:

    Given what we know about Chuck, I figure he actually is that inept, not trying to get out of work. I’ve known people like that, who’s help I’d rather not have at a given task. I think of last semester, one of my classes I did all the homework in a group. I did pretty well, another guy did pretty well, one girl was constantly sick, bless her heart, and the fourth person was not a team player at all. He understood the material acceptably well, but thought he knew it all perfectly (he did not, as proven when the exams came along), thought he was a genius and we were idiots. Extremely snobby, rude, arrogant. A huge pain to work with. By the end of the semester, when the rest of us went off to work on the homework, we would “forget” to tell him we were doing so. I felt somewhat bad about it, but I really didn’t want to deal with him.

  2. Rob de Vries says:

    When the wife was mentioned I thought we would see Sally in this episode. Haven’t seen her for a while. Is she still at Roost Air, or has she moved to a new job?

  3. Magnoire La Chouette says:

    Unfortunately, those of us who are competent end up doing more work than those who are incompetent at work. I never could figure out how they could pull it off and not get fired.

  4. Manuel says:

    Okay, not really fitting to the comic, but it kinda is about aviation and the comic creators home country 🙂

    On Saturday, you are walking through the main street of Graz, when you hear unusual plane engines. You look up and see two planes flying low over the city in pair formation (“Rotte”):
    A P-38 Lightning and a US Fighter-Bomber (T28 Trojan)
    THE HELL?! Am I going crazy?
    Nope, the Flying Bulls were on route to the Air Race somewhere else in the country and decided to fly low over the city to show off their planes.

    Sunday: You visit a festival of traditional culture of the region when suddenly: Surprise Arnold Schwarzenegger visit!
    He even conducted a polka with a traditional Austrian wind band.

    So, yeah, things that happen in the same city on the same weekend. Welcome to Austria 😉

  5. Joshua says:

    Chuck has pulled the 172 apart completely to help Julio before. No way he doesn’t know exactly what he is doing.

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