Hangar rash prevention

Sometimes it might be wise to double-check that you understood your instructions if you are not sure. In aviation, we call that a “shared mental model”. I don’t think Chuck and Julio have a shared mental model on what exactly the task was. And Julio probably should know by now that if he leaves just a tiny fraction of his instructions open to interpretation, there is a very high chance that Chuck will run with that … in the exact opposite direction.
Putting pool noodles on all the thin trailing edges sure is a neat trick by the way. I wish we had thought of that when I was a kid pushing planes around inside the big hangars at my home airfield back in the 90’s. Of course, with the pool noodle being invented in the 1980’s, they might not have made it to Austria quite yet. I honestly don’t remember and nobody really had a pool where I grew up either.


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3 comments on “Hangar rash prevention
  1. Fbs says:

    Noodles prevents cessna diamond marks on your head….

  2. L says:

    Just like Fbs already said, pool noodles are good for protecting people’s heads from high-wing attacks. Though we use pipe insulation. It is cheaper, thinner and comes pre-sliced.
    SAFETY FIRST! (I know how ironic this sentence is on this comic strip page)

  3. Bernd says:

    Pool noodles have been a big thing here in Germany for a while, probably 10+ years. Actually, I think their heyday was a few years ago, but they were everywhere.

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