6 comments on “Chances of survival
  1. DeanRW says:

    I can’t help hearing Hans mumbling about his new marketing strategy: “Flying with us is a whopping 50% less deadly than crashing on any other plane!”.

  2. Thorfinntk says:

    Got it, allright (and for anuone who didn’t: For Julio’s math to work, you’ll have to assume a 100% chance of crashing)

  3. Fbs says:

    Julio is quite a coppersmith since 3BT still files despite its countless crashes

  4. DeanRW says:

    Of course Chuck is bullshitting around as usual, apparently quoting an unreliable source where the words “crash”, “accident” and “incident” are used interchangeably.

  5. Franck Mée says:

    Got it, and found it extremely funny. 😉

  6. RR says:

    50% chance that Chuck will crash on any flight. Easy to work out and not so obvious that it isn’t funny. More like this please. 🙂

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