Cessna diamond

Judging by your reactions to last week’s strip, many people are familiar with the “Cessna diamond” or the “Cessna forehead”. Really enjoyed Ed’s comment about how confusing it would be, if Diamond Aircraft would build other things than low-wing composite aircraft … We’d probably have the “Diamond diamond” too. And what would happen if Cessna bought up Diamond? Then we’d have regular Cessna Diamonds flying around. Anyway, enough of my musing, time to break out the antiseptic spray for Chuck.

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3 comments on “Cessna diamond
  1. YawningMan says:

    Can’t forget the time I hit my head on the wing so hard, I am sure I heard the plane cuss at me!

  2. Jeff Ebron says:

    Its funny timing. I know of two people getting hurt and ending up in the ER in the past 2 weeks from prop blades.

  3. Louis says:

    Many years ago, told a student of mine to go check the 172 while I finished up some paperwork. He walks back in with a streak of blood on his forehead. The gash was long and deep enough that he needed stitches. Needless to say our flight was cancelled.

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