A wise man once said . . .

Sticking my head out of the animation trenches to post today’s strip. Man, what have I gotten myself into? Mike is now down in Chile to fight some forest fires, and I have started to cut the soundtrack and draw some of the actual drawings needed for our first animated clip. I don’t want to complain, because I am really happy we finally started this project! But boy, it sure is very different to drawing comics. There are so many interlocking puzzle pieces to create and stick together. I’m sure it will get easier with time! And we really appreciate the leap of faith all of our Patrons are taking to get this off the ground! We promise we won’t disappoint you! Check out our Patreon page, if you want to know more about how to help us. Thank you!

Now to today’s comic. I’m absolutely sure Isaac Newton said something like that at some point or other in his life. I sometimes preface mundane statements like that with big references too. Like “As Aristotle used to say: I’m hungry.” I admit, I haven’t read the direct quote, but I’m pretty sure he must have said this. Anyway, I want to end this blog with a quote from Nietzsche: “I have to get back to work.”

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5 comments on “A wise man once said . . .
  1. Fbs says:

    A wise man said….beware the high wings 🙂

    (And also the prop especially if the engine is running…)

  2. RG2Cents says:

    Bouncing stuff off Chuck’s head is always funny…

  3. Ed says:

    Good old Cessna diamond.

    Just as well Diamond only make low-wing composite stuff, or it would get confusing.

  4. M. Mitchell Marmel says:

    Did Sir Isaac Newton ever get Cessna Forehead, though?

  5. Kopets says:

    The mark that left the apple on Isaac Newton’s forehead later became the “Apple” TM logo 🙂

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