Buying a brand new car

I only bought one brand new car so far in my life. My wife and I went to a car dealer and decided on the car literally within ten minutes at the first dealer we went to. To our defense, it was a very good bargain, some sort of “anniversary deal” they were offering. We did a little bit of research beforehand, but I don’t think most people wouldn’t shoot from the hip like that. I know some people who do months of research, visit a whole bunch of dealers and test drive dozens of cars before they finally decide. I guess I don’t take it that seriously because a) the price range I can afford narrows down the choices quite substantially, and b) I don’t drive much in the first place, so any bad choice would affect me 3 hours a week. If I spent 2 hours a day commuting, I’d probably care more.

Even though my interest in cars is limited, I do have to say that I enjoyed the sensation of driving and owning a brand new car. It’s great to not have to worry about anything. That time has passed now, and I’m back to having to think about maintenance, oil, tires, air condition etc. I think if I ever won the lottery, I’d rather buy a new average car every three years than buy one Lambo. I’m certainly not going to get a WW2 car and restore it, haha.

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6 comments on “Buying a brand new car
  1. RG2Cents says:

    I dunno… I think the difference is that most folks buy a car out of necessity, and they build a car for the fun of it. Most folks, anyway…

  2. reynard61 says:

    I don’t buy built models because I want a model. (If that were the case I’d collect die-cast. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) I buy unassembled models because I want to enjoy the experience of building something that I can call my own in my own way. (Though I definitely can’t afford to go the 1:1 scale route!) Definitely on Chuck’s side in this particular case

  3. Johsua says:

    Yes, Chuck needs to make due with his current car. That Corsair isn’t going to pay for itself!

  4. Fbs says:

    I think you have a last opportunity to buy a WW2 car brand new out of the assembly line, as I’ve heard that the Jeep factory Americans built in the Filipino at that time is still operating today

  5. Speedsix says:

    For once, Chuck really is on the wise side: I have experienced all of his foreseen problems myself. Rebuilding an old car or whatever will most probably take a lot more time, money and get you into more trouble and frustration than expected.
    Also, sometimes people undergo fundamental changes in interest, private situation, job and the like.
    Driving a unique vintage car that you rebuilt yourself is great, but you should think it thru very thoroughly!

  6. gtpilot says:

    Building a plan and a car are different. I friend of mine built an RV14 and with all the bells and whistles it cost about $120,000 and took four years to build. A new Mooney or something with comparable performance and avionics would easily go for $700,000+. Sure, it would be faster to buy, but even including his time, the RV14 is cheaper.

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