All good landings

It may not be the official definition, but it is as close to an official definition as it can get. I guess the definitions of “good” vary greatly between pilots and aircraft owners though, haha!

What’s your most interesting “landing story”? Mine is sitting in a 777 cockpit (as a guest, obviously) and landing at Narita airport during rain, storm and an estimated 500 knots of crosswind (Or at least that’s what it felt like!) after the three aircraft ahead of us all decided to go around. Pretty exciting!

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4 comments on “All good landings
  1. Fbs says:

    Chuck has done only good landings, but I’m not sure he did that much very good landings 🙂

    About aviation sayings, I’m sure Hans will also tell that’s It’s been easy for him to become a millionnaire in the aviation business ….all he had to do was (guess what ?)

  2. MEK says:

    During night training I lost my sense of orientation and flared too early during landing. I felt a strange sensation followed by a WHAM! and realized I had dropped my plane about 5 feet straight down onto the runway.

    My instructor was laughing at me…

  3. Fotojunky says:

    Most memorable landing? When still flying with my instructor. My instructor just sitting about, almost asleep, when a gust of crosswind hit… hard !!!
    I was a little right of centre, but by the time I recovered, we where well left of the runway. We where no more then 20 feet above the runway and to me it seemed like the wind tipped us over to at least a 45 degree angle. (Probably less, but it felt like at least 45…)

    My reaction was extremly quick, as we where level before my instructor had his hands on the controls. At first I got a bit of a panick response “what did you do”? Then when he noticed we recovered and I told him “Crosswind” from my clenched teeth. He was all relaxed and said: “Still enough runway to land.”
    So I moved back to center, dropped the last five feet and we landed as if nothing happened.

    The restaurant was a bit set back, so our “adventure” was obscured by the tower. There the reaction was: Hmm, you guys where a little of centre..
    The guy at the Tower was more like: Did your instructor want to scare you a little there?
    He was convinced my instructor was flying the plane….

  4. Mike Belanger says:

    Yeah, “Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing”, but “Any landing you can use the aircraft again is a GREAT landing!”

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