Spring Chicken Campaign

Fellow chicken aviators!

Moments in Aviation History by Strasser / Strasser / CunninghamMany news coming up this spring during our “Spring Chicken Campaign”!

As we are regrouping after the AERO show cancellation, we decided we will still release our new book “Moments in Aviation History” online. It will be available very soon pending a few logistics hurdles we still need to overcome. But we are still expecting the launch at the same time the show would have happened. Behold a preview of what it looks like in all its glory!

It’s our first hardcover books as well as our first cooperation with a fellow author, namely Jim Cunningham (who some of you may know from our Facebook group) and we are very happy with the result!


T-Shirt "Aerodynamics" - Front - Navy BlueBy that we mean all the lovely people who support us through our Patreon page. We thank you all for your continued awesomeness! Those of you signed up at “Hangar del Chuck” Level and higher will receive the new book free of charge. We will write you an email shortly unless we already have your address.

Those of you at “Pilot Bar” Level or higher will receive a new t-shirt we made, free of charge. Same deal, we will write you for your size and address unless you already you already gave it to us. In that case expect a package soon.

Also, the “Roost Air” ball cap received a make-over with a slightly “Top-Gunnier” font to celebrate the release of Top Gun 2 and a little something we’re working on in Patreon and the YouTube Chanel. More to follow on that one. 
But as Patreon you can get the hat instead of the t-shirt if you wish. Just let us know.

If you are not a Patron of Chicken Wings yet, it is never too late to sign up, support us, and receive new prices during our “Spring Chicken Campaign”.

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