The new book is out!

We have been threatening you with this on social media, we have been hinting at this for weeks now.

We made another book and it is available online!

Get it here (European Shop) or here (US Shop)!

“Moments in Aviation History” is very different to our previous books in a lot of ways. There are still chickens flying all kinds of different aircraft in it, but this time around it is not about the adventures about Chuck and Julio.

We teamed up with aviation enthusiast and historian, flight instructor, hobby aircraft builder, and aviation author Jim Cunningham in writing about “real” aviation history. Well, what we perceive as “real” in our twisted brains at least.

Moments in Aviation History Cover

Have you ever wondered if the first loop flown was actually intentional or a malfunction maybe? Or when the aircraft lavatory was invented? If you have, we just might have the book for you!

We certainly have pondered these questions and many moons ago we decided to write a book about it. Then we realized we don’t really know how to write and how to find out the true stories behind our questions. This is where Jim came in. We have been friends through Chicken Wings for many years. We always laughed about the same things and so we thought he might just be able to do some actual research that matches, if only loosely at least, the wild claims we were making with our aviation history comics. The result was this book. It is about the footnotes of aviation and complemented with “Chicken Wings Style” illustrations about what “really happened”.

Moments in Aviation History Preview

It took us forever to make for too many reasons to count here, and the timing of the release is very unfortunate. But at least we were able to “virtually” get together, with Chuck even, to release this book online for now! We are still hoping to actually getting together in the future, as well as meeting all of you again in person once some of these airshows get going again.

Stef, Chuck, Jim and Mike

Neither thousands of miles of distance nor some stupid virus can keep Mike, Stefan, Jim and Chuck from assembling to officially release the new book!

… hope you like it!

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