Black Friday Sale / New Online Shop

Due to Mike living in the States and Stef living in Austria, we are running two completely separate online shops, for logistical as well as accounting reasons. Everybody in the US and the Rest of North America is best served at the AVIATORwebsite Online Shop, which is run by Mike.

But here are some news for all the Non-Americans: Just now, we have moved our European Shop from our previous third-party system on to this very website right here. Check it out!

We will place a few more redirections and notifications for Americans that should lead them to AVIATORwebsite. For everybody else: The new European shop is a work in progress, and there are still a few design issues. We’d be happy for any feedback you can give us, preferably directly to Stef (

As a great opportunity, to repay you for using you as Beta-Testers, we timed this with out annual …

Black(Bird) Friday Sale!

Get a 25% Discount across the board, on all orders in both our shops by using the Coupon Code “BF2019”. Valid until Friday, December 6.

Black Friday 2019

Shop away! 😀

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