New T-Shirt!

Christmas is approaching! They’ve already put up the decorations in the shopping streets around here, and so it’s high time that we add a few new items to our online shops for you guys! Our first new product is this awesome t-shirt you can see on the pictures on the right. It is for the air traffic controllers among our fans and reads:

Do as I say or get the hell out of my airspace!

Of course you can also wear it without being an ATC. The design is quite different to all our previous t-shirts, but from what we have learned over the years, it seems when it comes to t-shirts, people prefer cool to funny and simple to complicated. So Mike and I decided to try a slightly different route with our t-shirts from now on.

Get it now! You can order it in our
US Online Shop, or our
European Online Shop!

Coming soon (in time for Christmas):
– A new Christmas Card
– The brand-new Martin Leeuwis book “Going Up, Sir!” including a lot of new Chicken Wings comic strips!
So stay tuned!

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