T-Shirt Clearance Sale!


We’re actively working on a bunch of projects while Stefan is here with me in Vegas. One of them is to add different new shirts to the shop. But we need to get rid of some inventory first. So we decided to reduce the shirts we are thinking of not continuing to almost nothing. They’re practically free!!!
Take anvantage of this unique offer because those shirts will now be a “limited edition” item as well! The offer runs until we run out of those shirts and it’s only available for the USA shop (where we have way more shirts than in Europe)

One thing though: As we run out, not all shirts will be available in all sizes anymore. When you try to put a shirt in the cart that’s no longer in stock, you will get an indication of 3 red stars next to you order and a red/pink-ish box on top explaining we’re out. But if you ignore it, the shop will actually let you order the shirts because usually we restock as soon as we’re out. Don’t order any shirts that don’t exist anymore please!

2 comments on “T-Shirt Clearance Sale!
  1. Les Choat says:

    Do you still have Shallow Approach t-shirts? If so, how do I order them?

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