Christmas Sale & New Products!

Christmas is coming soon and so it is high time for our annual Christmas Sale! Rejoice! Some of you will say “Annual? You only started this last year!” Yes. But we are planning to do this every year from now on. The idea behind it is simple: For everybody but the big companies (like Amazon), shipping slows down before Christmas, so want to create an incentive for you folks to order in time.

This year we offer a discount of 10% across the board, plus special discounts on selected products. The offer starts now and will last until Wednesday, December 9th!

And as the icing on the cake, we can actually offer you two new items that just got in:

“Going Up, Sir” is the newest book published by Martin Leeuwis, and, very much like its predecessor, it contains a collection of aviation related comics and cartoons from 21 artists from around the world. It also features 13 pages of Chicken Wings, with some material previously unpublished on our website or our books.

We can also offer you a new Christmas Card, where you can see what happens if you accept a last minute charter request on Christmas Eve!

So shop away and let Santa bring the presents right to your doorstep! You can get the new and the old stuff at our online shops:

Online Shop USA
Online Shop Europe

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