German must be a daunting language to learn. If I hadn’t been born a native German speaker (if you can call Austrians that, but that’s a topic for another time, haha), I don’t think I would bother to learn it. Sadly, I never found (or made) the time to study more languages. My English is pretty decent, and I’ve studied Japanese for a few years, most of which I forgot again, unfortunately. While I use English all the time, I just had no opportunity or necessity to maintain my Japanese. But I always wanted to try at least one more. Now, being self-employed and with all the responsibilities of being a grown-up and a dad, I can’t even find the time to go see a movie, so it seems that this item on my list will have to be pushed back. Maybe until retirement, or until one of my sons brings home a non-native girlfriend. Many years, in any case.

If I were to choose a new language to learn, I would pick one that “unlocks” the most people or countries. So I’d probably go for Spanish (boom! 500 million people to talk to) or Chinese (1 billion). Or maybe one that’s useful in the close neighborhood, such as Italian or French? Well, I don’t have to choose quickly anyway.