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Have you seen Hans?

It’s no big secret that Hans is a rather large chicken that likes to eat German sausages. But I bet even the largest chicken ever recorded wouldn’t weigh enough to compress the landing gear of a Cessna 172. This is

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Chuck taking a fuel sample

Ah, the great wisdoms one can impart on little kids! Sometimes it makes you feel smart, because you know so much more about the world, but more often than not they can bring you to the point of despair and

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Days like these

I guess we’ve all had days like poor Julio here. Some days it would be better to just stay in bed. The problem is that one can identify those days only in hindsight. The logical conclusion would be to just

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Get off, or else!

We would like to thank United Airlines for, once again, providing us with great material. You knew it was only a matter of time until our chickens would tune in to current airline events. Just wait until Hans reads about

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