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Fly for fun

Who of you in here has ever done something similar? You know, found a “little excuse” to take her out for a quick maintenance flight? I can neither confirm nor deny that I may or may not be guilty of

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Sales pitch

Some people are born salesmen. I know one guy who sold everything, from heavy machinery over fertilizer, plastics to whatever, without ever having more than a cursory understanding of the technology behind it. He’s just a very likable guy who

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Snow shoveling challenge

While this post hopefully updates automatically on Tuesday, I should be in the middle of the Austrian alps, enjoying some snow myself! And by enjoying snow, I mean skiing of course, not eating snow. Although, occasionally, I happen to eat

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Crappy weather

Here is another strip that is not invented. It comes with a great little story, maybe even a moral to the story: A few years back I was supposed to fly a helicopter back to its base in LA after

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