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What happened to Clarence?

As this controversial series is coming to an end, Chuck basically proved to himself and us that not every animal is cut out to be an Emotional Support Animal. Besides having heartburn with the fact that some people are abusing

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Fly for fun

Who of you in here has ever done something similar? You know, found a “little excuse” to take her out for a quick maintenance flight? I can neither confirm nor deny that I may or may not be guilty of

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Sales pitch

Some people are born salesmen. I know one guy who sold everything, from heavy machinery over fertilizer, plastics to whatever, without ever having more than a cursory understanding of the technology behind it. He’s just a very likable guy who

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Snow shoveling challenge

While this post hopefully updates automatically on Tuesday, I should be in the middle of the Austrian alps, enjoying some snow myself! And by enjoying snow, I mean skiing of course, not eating snow. Although, occasionally, I happen to eat

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