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At the shear table

Shear tables are awesome. But boy, do you need to pay attention to your fingers. That’s definitely one of the tools I wish I had, but I’ll probably never own a big enough workshop to put it in. Also, I

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Bubble wrap

A lot of my work at Roost-Air actually revolves around bubble wrap. Shipping packages, receiving packages, mailing packages, unpacking packages … the first world problems of running an online store. So one can say this strip was one of those

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Corsair pistons

In principle, some things are just as much fun when you’re six years old as when you’re 60. And I think popping bubble wrap is definitely on that list. The only difference is, that, as a kid, you don’t have

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Chuck’s Hangar/Mancave

As one of our readers rightly pointed out, of course a “mancave “isn’t synonymous with “junk pile”. In fact, The perfect mancave is kept meticulously clean! I can’t say that I have a mancave myself, but in the places in

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