Author: mike

Corsair Mug Raffle

As you guys know, Chuck, and Mike, and Stefan all love Corsairs and everything surrounding Corsairs and everything related to this awesome WWII fighter plane, the F4U Corsair. So it might not come as a surprise to you that we

The Chicken Wings e-Book!

As some of you might know, our chickens went digital in the form of Kindle back in 2012 when this book came out. It was quite a learning process for us in this new scary digital world. We spent a

Black Friday Sale &

Hey there, fellow Aviators and Aviation fans! Going with the times, the chickens will take Thanksgiving off (except Stefan, since he lives in “the old world”, and Hans since he still hasn’t caught on) and have a Black Friday deal

New Coloring Book

Fellow Aviators behold! We have another Airplane Coloring Book! We were down to only 3 boxes of our first coloring book and it was time to re-print. So we thought instead of re-printing the same thing, let’s just make a