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Hey there, fellow chicken aviators!

We are in the VERY EARLY planning stages of the next book. A lot will change this time, the printer, the format, some logistical and technical issues behind the scenes will be fixed, but fear not Chuck and Julio will stay the same. But we have come to the first big hurdle:

Roost Air HatOne thing Stef and I can’t agree on at the moment is what will be on the cover of the next book. SHould we do more chickens? less chickens? more planes? less planes? put the Corsair on the cover again which has been suggested before numerous times. We are confused and undecided, and on top of that DIVIDED!

We need you guys as a tie-breaker! So we thought we would turn it into yet another contest/raffle. Write us what you think would be funny, or cool, or awesome on the next cover. We will then raffle off 2 “Roost Air” hats from your entries. Multiple entries are allowed since we want as many ideas as possible.

And we will let you know where the hats go in a week from now on Wednesday the 16th.

14 comments on “Book Cover Contest
  1. Leia says:

    Alex with the Pitts! One for us lady pilots…

    Even if we can’t all fly Pittses… (That can’t be the right plural surely??))

  2. Herbert says:

    More planes please, guys, and yes, I like the idea of a couple of flying hens too. 🙂 And go in for some twins…

  3. HappyBappy says:

    Do you need to ask how many planes you should put on? The answer to that will ALWAYS be more. You should have Julio out on the wing of Chuck’s Corsair trying to fix it while Chuck is flying! Then add all the other planes in a collage in the backround with a bunch of little easter eggs hidden among them.

  4. How about a balloon, our oldest form of aviation?

    Chuck can be stressing ‘cos it won’t go where he wants when he wants, Norbu can be pointing out that’s pretty normal for anything Chuck flies, Julio can be pointing out that Chuck’s always wanted to fly something with burners and meanwhile the pilot can be looking at Hans & thinking he needs a bigger balloon 🙂 🙂

    Wot? Me? Biased? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Spudster says:

    Maybe Chuck+Co. trying a hand at fire aviation (fixed or rotor wing). Or maybe something involving a drone, since it seems to be an emerging issue.

  6. mike says:

    What I was initially thinking of was the title “Fasten Your Seatbelts” and we’d show Hans in an airliner sweaty and trying to get his seatbelt fastened. But Stef thought it might not be PC enough and there aren’t any planes in the picture / on the cover….

  7. Marco says:

    It should be funny to put all roost air guys on a biplane (just to say.. a Tiger Moth) some inside the cockpits and some on the wings (a terryfied Hans!).

  8. rcdude07 says:

    More airplanes!

  9. William Vergonet says:

    Family, lets meet thier families. JULIO must have 4 girls and a boy! And Drones.

  10. William Vergonet says:

    Chuck Aaron teaching Chuck how to really fly a heli.

  11. William Vergonet says:

    I would love to see the gang in the hangar.

  12. William Vergonet says:

    @ Mike. Draw names yet brother?

  13. mike says:


    The hats go to:
    Magnus Danielson
    William Vergonet !

    Thank you everybody for participating. We raffled the ball caps off and we will take all your input into consideration.There wasn’t a single one that totally stuck out but lots of great food for thought. I liked the clown plane idea (FB group), but we will see if some sort of a “theme” develops when we start lay-outing ….
    Keep tuning in, there will be more contests and giveaways shortly.

    Winner please PM us with your addresses!

    (and let us know if you already have a hat – we can give you a different prize)

  14. William Vergonet says:

    Thanks SO MUCH!!!!!

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