Interview at AERO

When I was at AERO a couple of months back, I was interviewed by, a Czech aviation related media channel. I just stumbled across that interview and thought I’d share it with you. For all of you out there who don’t speak Czech, don’t worry! The interview is me talking in my heavily accented English and only the subtitles are in Czech. I hope I have embedded this correctly, but in case the video doesn’t start at the right time code, skip forward to about 7:55.

Hearing me talk on this video reminds me of that old joke:

“I think I need to polish up my English.”

“Don’t worry, I think your English sounds Polish enough!”

Just replace Polish with German there …

6 comments on “Interview at AERO
  1. Magnoire says:

    Your accent isn’t all that heavy. I can understand you better than some of my rural library patrons. Of course, I live in the Deep South (and I’m a city girl).

  2. Bruce Bergman says:

    You need not apologize, I have to work on my German more… German and English share some common roots (and we’ve done a lot of outright theft from there), you just need to fight the urge to run 4 to 8 words into one huge compound word. 😉

    And in reverse, we have to parse out “Fussbodenschleifmaschinenverleih” to figure out where to break it down. Go slow and you can usually figure it out by recognizing the root words in common and work backward from there.

  3. L says:

    Nice to virtually meet you. You are now famous. 🙂
    And so is Chuck! (forget Julio, he’s a mechanic, their work is never appreciated)

  4. Deathknyte says:

    You barely have an accent.

  5. Neil II says:

    Stop fussing about your accent, sir; you speak better English than many native English speakers.

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