Aero 2017 (April 5-8)

In a few weeks there will be one of the rare occasions when I emerge from behind my drawing table to make a public appearance. Yes, that’s right, I will be attending the AERO in Friedrichshafen again this year. But unlike the previous years, I will have my own little table this time, in the artist section, and will be there the whole four days. Here are the facts in convenient bullet points:

Date: April 5-8


Chicken Wings Table: “Foyer Ost” right next to the east entrance.

I will bring banners etc., so I should be easy enough to find. It’s their 25th show, so it’s supposed to be bigger and better than ever! So, anybody who wants the scarce opportunity to meet and greet a real star … I’m sure there’ll be some of those around too! And while you’re there, drop by at my table for a quick chat! Looking forward to see some familiar faces and some new ones too!
Stefan at Aero 2016

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